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Fantastic Custom Built Staircases

by Berman Stairs Inc.

Custom staircases for your project need to look fantastic and last decades, but they can’t hold up timelines or blow up budgets. As much as you want your property to look like money was no object when you created it, what it costs to get that look is obviously a major consideration. Using our relationships with top-quality part and material suppliers, developed over more than thirty years, we make sure your staircase build is quick and priced competitively, without compromising on the craftsmanship and appearance you’re looking for.

Whether you’ve also gotten us to custom design your stairs and parts, or you’ve got your own plans and just need us to look after the manufacturing, we source from North America’s best specialists in whatever materials you choose. Your parts will be made by experts in wood, glass, steel, iron, and stone. Your treads, railings, runners, and other items may come from a variety of suppliers so that you get the best stairs at the best prices. We use the most up to date CNC software for flawless quality and fit, and modern logistics solutions for fast delivery to wherever you need. You can trust us to have everything arrive on time and fit together.

We can even take care of the installation, or prefab your custom staircase for a quick and easy installation by your crew. However you choose to install the staircase, whatever the style or materials, we’re ready to get you the best custom stairs and parts on tight timelines and tight budgets.