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Custom Premade Staircases

Installed, Premade, or You Install

Custom premade staircases might sound like a contradiction, but we’re used to finding better ways of doing things. While we’re always happy to look after the often unusual and complicated aspects of installation, that still isn’t as fast or easy as sending you a custom prefab staircase your crew can have up in a matter of hours. Especially on projects with numerous staircases to install, your savings in time and related costs can be too good to pass up.

You can have the same level of unique design, the same precise manufacturing, and the same material selection as with a full custom staircase design or build – because it is a full custom staircase build. The only difference is it shows up in one easy to install piece. With the obvious advantages many builders are seeing from prefab methods, we know it’s critical to give you those advantages when looking for a custom staircase.

Whether we are doing your design, build, or both, installing, sending you prefab, or sending you parts, you always get the same fast, outstanding personal service that you can rely on, project after project.